Who Are We?

LIFT session Fitness, a product of LifeSpeak Inc., is a digital fitness solution for companies, fitness clubs, and wellness providers. Our platform delivers engaging fitness services for all markets via on-demand and live workouts. Partners opt-in for services specific to their market, with tailored end-client onboarding configurations, messaging, and branding.

Who Can We Help?

LIFT session Fitness provides a wide variety of fitness offerings that makes working out and staying healthy: convenient, enjoyable, and efficient.


Impactful benefits through digital fitness for your employees. Deploy your company’s very own digital wellness center to improve employee physical and mental health and enhance company culture.

Fitness Clubs

LIFT session Fitness is the industry leader in live virtual training. Learn how the world’s most successful gyms, studios, and large chains use LIFT session Fitness to deliver world-class virtual experiences to members.


Insurance and benefits providers, EAP providers, and other healthcare institutions use LIFT session Fitness to elevate plan offerings and employee wellness with access to high-tech digital fitness services.


Learn How We Can Help Your Business

Engaged, motivated, and healthy members. That’s what you get when choosing LIFT session Fitness for your physical wellbeing needs.

One Solution for All Your Needs

Corporate Challenges

Configurable challenges to build engagement, usage and community. Social feeds, real-time leaderboards and more!

Fitness Journeys

Customized fitness journeys built specifically for each member’s ability level and goals. Recommended workouts vary so you never have to guess what you should do next.

One-on-One or Small Group Coaching

Provide the best virtual training experience on the market with our unique digital equipment and assessment tools. Brands like EQUINOX and Crunch use LIFT session Fitness for a reason!

Live Broadcast

Create your very own live virtual group class schedule using our professionals, or yours, in an environment branded to your company’s needs. Total oversight and control over who can attend.

Live Chat with Experts

Provide access to experienced fitness professionals to help your clients every step of the way in the LIFT session Fitness app.

Turn-Key Branded Deployments

LIFT session Fitness handles all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your running your business. We’ll provide a unique customer experience that fits your company’s brand voice and image.

Case Studies & More

Case Study


Explore how LIFT session Fitness powers a schedule of live private broadcast classes for all Bell employees, and received a 95% employee satisfaction rating.

Case Study

National Bank

Learn how LIFT session Fitness helped 43% of inactive employees achieve 150+ minutes of weekly physical activity in 30 days.

Case Study


Explore how LIFT session Fitness helped Conagra increase the average minutes of physical activity per week of employees by 55% in less than 30 days.

Looking to learn more?

Partner with LIFT to offer your employees personalized programs to strengthen physical and mental health as well as company culture.